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Hello all! [Jun. 22nd, 2004|07:32 am]
Sarah and John-Paul's Isle of Gay Hippies
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[music |"All You Need is Love" -- The Beatles]

Your name: Alex Walter
Age: 18
Hobbies: video games, RPGs, reading, writing, drawing, cello, comic books, dragon/wizard collector.
Anything interesting you'd want to add: I have a very interesting walk called "Alex Walk," and I can do a high pitch laugh/shrill.

1. Define What Hippy And Gay mean to you: Hippy-a person who is more spiritual with oneself and nature. He/she believes in peace and love than war. Also, a hippy gets high off of pot, opium, or some other kind of drug. Gay-1.) Happy, joyful. 2.) A broad term which covers a group of people who would not be considered heterosexual (i.e. homosexual, transexual, transgender, bisexual). Gay usually refers to a male homosexual, while lesbian is named for a female homosexual.

2. Explain how you are either Gay or a Hippy or both: Hmm... Well, I guess gay, because I am attracted to the same sex. Hippy? Well, I'd take love and peace over any day. I do like nature, and the music of the Hippy era is the best!

3. How would you benefit our island: I would help those who need to talk/vent and be comforted. Also, I can play my cello, filling the island with lovely music for everyone!

4. Add a picture if you'd like: Ah, heh-heh... I really am not too computer/internet literate...so, I have no idea how to add a picture, sorry folks.

[User Picture]From: grodybrody
2004-06-22 04:29 pm (UTC)
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