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hey gay hippy island [Aug. 12th, 2004|10:01 pm]
Sarah and John-Paul's Isle of Gay Hippies


it's been a while since i've floated my way over to your shores ... how has every one been?

i've been good thank you very much... it's been a whole week since i've gotten back from mexico and i think that this week will pretty much sum up how i will spend my year off school .... at ambassadors singing and dancing .. with sarah having good and in depth chats about mirrors .... and being "out" and about with my friends in general.

i have made no new revolutionary breakthroughs in the gay world .... except for the fact that it is indeed a small tiny world..... examples ....

#1 on saturday night i hung out with a cool kid names zach page ... and i was suppose to meet him a few months ago on a blind date that never actually happened ... but i guess that we just sort of met up on our own means!

#2 i was also hanging out with this other cool kid named adam ... and while we were hanging out i saw dan this guy that i had met on line came walking up ... so i yelled at him to come say hi .. and i turned out that dan and adan were ex's ....

now those are two little scenes that are going to go under my reasons why the gay world is smaller than the real world!

oh yeah and i guess that that's it!

~alex bustillos .. oh yeah ... new sn on aim ..... alexb2407