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gayhippyisland's Journal

Sarah and John-Paul's Isle of Gay Hippies
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All Members , Moderated
John-Paul and i are sick of people. So we're running away to start our own society. A society of Gay Hippies. If you are either gay or A Hippy this is the place for you.
But We have to decide whether or not you make the cut

The application process is simple
Join this community and then post the following in an entry for this community it may take a while for this post to show as it will be moderated. Once it is moderated the currents members will state weither or not they think you should make it in.(don't worry we're not to strict) If approved you will then have posting abilities. Where you may post any topic that has any relevence at all to the community. From a hot date you had to the latest political scandal. Straight Folk are welcome here as well we do not descriminate on gayhippy island. We are very open-minded.

Give us some basic info
Your name
Anything interesting you'd want to add

1. Define What Hippy And Gay mean to you

2. Explain how you are either Gay or a Hippy or both

3. How would you benefit our island

4. Add a picture if you'd like ( a Word of warning this is a not a "see how sexy" i am site. Toppless or provacative pictures earn you less points)